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Women in Ministry

Are only men allowed to lead in the church?  Is the Bible's instruction on this issue outdated and chauvinistic?  How can we be both faithful to the Bible and effective in our culture on this controversial issue?  This paper explores these questions and a method for studying similar topics. 


Morality Makers or Made to be Moral

There is a timeless and universal question that haunts all who find themselves stuck in this modern morass — “Is there such a thing as objective morality?” This haunting question cannot be separated from another — “If objective morality exists, what is its basis?” In this essay, Todd Stewart explains the argument that humanity is made to be moral, rather than to function as our own morality makers.


Developing a Discipleship Culture

Jesus' final words before leaving this earth included a strong call for all Christians to make disciples.  The Village takes this call to disciple-making very seriously.  However, we also recognize that the discipleship process can be wrought with confusion and even personal baggage.  Developing a Discipleship Culture was written to address these issues, and also provide Christian workers in The Village with a common starting point as they seek to make disciples


Becoming an Equipped Christian Worker

Christian equipping is and should be thorough and rigorous. Some balk at this idea, insisting that thorough and rigorous equipping is unrealistic for modern busy people. We view such thinking as ludicrous and out of touch with the realities of God’s purposes and the spiritual war being waged. Such thinking is ludicrous because it reveals a double-standard when thinking about secular and spiritual labors. In nearly every secular field of work, extensive training and learning is an unquestioned requirement. Most would not think of entrusting themselves to an untrained doctor. Few rational people would hire an untrained and unproven electrician to rewire their house. How much more should we expect thorough training and proven effectiveness from people claiming to speak for God and call others to follow Him!


The Bible and Profanity

Christian culture has often incorrectly seemed to define holiness as merely avoiding doing bad things. As a result, generations of Christians have felt compelled to say “shoot” instead of “shit” with no real understanding of what difference it makes beyond keeping them out of trouble with other church friends. What does the Bible have to say about the importance of our speech?


The Lord's Supper

The concept of the Lord’s Supper (also referred to as Communion or The Eucharist), has generated a great deal of discussion, confusion, and even division throughout church history. In this short essay, Todd Stewart  explains The Village OCN's position and practice on this important subject.


The Village OCN Church Structures and Principles

So you’ve been checking out The Village OCN and perhaps you’ve wondered why we do things the way we do. I’m glad you asked! Every local church has certain goals, and a strategy for accomplishing those goals. It also has structures and methods by which it carries out this strategy. We’ve determined these things based on biblical data with sound interpretive principles.